Is it just me, or is The Tourist never going away? Also, whatever Angie’s paying Brad, she should threaten to cut it in half because this is his least convincing job ever; however, in the end, she may want to double it, because his entrance into this slideshow is like a ray of sunshine on toast. And y’all know how we here at GFY HQ feel about toast.

Just because it's there, let's have a referendum on the first outfit:

  • Eh. (51%, 6,136 Votes)
  • AHHHH!!!! (13%, 1,527 Votes)
  • Ugh. (36%, 4,318 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,982

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But now, the real dress. Your thoughts?

  • It makes me but a tourist in the city of Yes. (19%, 1,500 Votes)
  • Just passing through town, and it's pretty and all, but I don't want to stay. (39%, 3,150 Votes)
  • I'm visiting, and I find it a blight among tourist traps that should be torched off the map of... oh, whatever: I hate it. (42%, 3,431 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,081

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