This feels like it’s getting out of hand. I know ND did its green jerseys ages ago, and some teams do blackout games, and of course Oregon’s annual fresh cabal of heinous neon wardrobe changes. But now suddenly every week some NCAA team or other is wearing a completely different outfit on the field, half the time in colors that are adjacent at best to their actual school themes and make them almost unrecognizable. I know the athletic departments probably rake in a boatload of cash in jersey sales because of this, and certainly Oregon’s win-loss record has thrived during this time, but… I’m a traditionalist. Whatever happened to consistent school colors? Y’all really can’t get fired up for a big game any other way? I’ve worn the same ND jerseys every Saturday for a decade and I have no trouble getting into my weekly game day rabidness. I’m frothing at the mouth right now and it’s only Wednesday.

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