At the Globes it was green; at the SAGs, red was the most common pop of color amid the sea of whites and flesh-tones. It’s like everyone was getting the last drops of Christmas flavor out of their closets. But who wore it best?

I suspect not Christine Baranski. Let me be clear: LOVE HER. A friend recently wrote to me that she thinks Christine Baranski would be THE most fun to go get drunk with, because it would involve a lot of racy stories, probably some drunken carousing, and then a parting of the ways that involves affectionate but spicy use of the word “bitch.” I wholeheartedly agree. However, her red dress has me concerned that she went out and did most of that evening on her own, without me. And for that I am going to have to boycott The Good Wife (for about thirty seconds). Yeah, that’ll learn her to go on a bender without me.

Whose is the best?

  • Baranski (12%, 1,366 Votes)
  • Bertinelli (10%, 1,089 Votes)
  • Fey (33%, 3,725 Votes)
  • Kunis (40%, 4,582 Votes)
  • Margulies (5%, 530 Votes)
  • Falco (0%, 38 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,330

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And the worst?

  • Baranski (10%, 897 Votes)
  • Bertinelli (9%, 772 Votes)
  • Fey (3%, 279 Votes)
  • Kunis (5%, 471 Votes)
  • Margulies (14%, 1,241 Votes)
  • Falco (the woman, not the "Rock Me, Amadeus" singer) (60%, 5,399 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,059

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