I’d just like to note that I think we ALL suspected that Aidan was playing Victoria. Poor Victoria: her long-lost son is PROBABLY not really her long-lost son at all (I decided that Patrick is actually a Fed, investigating the Graysons for 1-34 of the felonies they’ve committed over the last 30 years); her actual son is a mouth-breather hellbent on marrying their sociopath neighbor; she hates her husband and he hates her; Charlotte. Anyhoodle, when we left off, Emily decided she wanted to see if she could get Conrad to confess his myriad sins, using the heavenly influences of Father James Le Gros. Obviously, this ended with Father James Le Gros dying in a fiery conflagration because it’s too early in the season to move the plot forward that much. The good news: NOLAN LOOKS INSANE. It’s awesome.

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