IT IS UPON US: Tonight, NBC is airing a three-hour live Sound of Music extravapalooza starring Carrie Underwood and Stephen “True Blood” Moyer (or as I’m calling him, Compton Von Trapp).┬áIt’s based on the Broadway musical and not the movie, which means the songs and who sing them change a little. This skews my expertise because I’ve never seen the stage show, due to being so enamored of the film and Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer and Charmian Carr and Eleanor Parker’s fascinating drawn-on eyebrows and Marni “Eliza Doolittle’s Voice” Nixon and (I almost wrote Marti Noxon, although if she had been in it I’m sure I’d have loved her too) and Lila Quartermaine and Future Mrs. Robert Urich and Friedrich’s teeth and KURT THAT’S THE ONE I FORGOT GOD BLESS KURT and even crazy somewhat-hard-to-listen-to Peggy Wood. While we wait to see how this version stacks up — we will be tweeting throughout the West Coast airing at @fuggirls; what’s the over/under on how far into this thing we’re thrown into Twitter jail? — let’s dish the promotional/rehearsal stills.

And no, we are not being paid to discuss the poster; longtime readers of the site, or even possibly short-time readers of the site, should not be surprised that Jessica and I have been looking forward to this with equal parts glee and dread. It likely won’t have anything as glorious as Plummer’s near-homicidal delivery of “THERE ISN’T GOING TO BE ANY BARONESS… ANYMORE” and Friedrich’s teeth screaming “FRAULEIN MARIA’S COME BACK FROM THE ABBEY” about ten seconds too late. But it has Audra McDonald, so… I’m listening.