In which we learn it’s impossible to take a picture of three people running toward camera without them looking super weird and awkward. But not as super weird and awkward as a poster of Kristen Stewart and R Pattz canoodling given the uncertainty of their Epic Love, so CONGRATULATIONS, Lionsgate and Summit! PS: I have NO IDEA who that dude is behind R Pattz, and I’ve seen all the movies. He looks vaguely like Colin Farrell, so I’ve decided that some time last summer, Colin Farrell and Michael Sheen got wicked drunk together and Sheen convinced Farrell to take a minor yet pivotal role in the final Twilight movie, and his part as  — from what I can tell from his costume — a feral Seattle DJ really just took on a life of its own. I mean, listen: they have about twenty minutes of book-action left to cover in this movie, so you know they had to make up about 75% of the plot. Why NOT Colin Farrell as DJ Chaz MountainMan, a wily human who totally seduces Edward with his smooth mash-ups of olde timey 1930s love songs and the latest house music?

Or, you know, maybe it’s Jackson Rathbone and his wig is just REALLY EXTRA TERRIBLE in this one. Either works for me.