Okay, I mean, first of all, I obviously can’t wait to Fug the Fromage of this shitshow:

No offense, Lifetime: I am just assuming it’s going to be a shitshow because…Lindsay. And I basically WANT it to be a shitshow. If it’s surprisingly great, of course I will be thrilled, because I secretly would love it if LiLo would stop driving around clipping pedestrians with her Porsche and getting kicked out of hotels carrying a $46,000 magazine and PPV fee, and go back to being an actress rather than a cautionary tale. But the worst case for this movie — and for Lifetime — will be if it’s mediocre. People are going to tune in (IN DROVES, I suspect) hoping for a total scenery-chewing clusterfiasco (this blog is rated PG-13) and Lifetime wins if that happens, OR if it’s surprisingly actually good. They lose if it’s serviceable. So, Lifetime, if the movie is looking decent but not fantastic in the edit bay right now, my advice is to start throwing in all of Lindsay’s worst takes.

All that being said, I actually think this poster is kind of smart. Is it really, REALLY on the nose in attempting to compare Lindsay to Liz? Yes. Is it kind of offensive to compare Hot Ass Mess Miss Lohan to Liz Taylor, who had serious personal problems but who was ALWAYS a consummate pro at work? I am pretty sure Taylor is digging her way out of her grave with a diamond-encrusted shovel right now so that she can march into someone’s office and throw a martini into the face of the person who approved that idea. Is it eye-catching? Yes. Does Linds look serviceably Elizabeth-y? Sure. Am I chomping at the bit to set my DVR? Yes. So….well done, Lifetime. BRING IT.