So I guess all the cover-worthy “breakthrough years” were had by white people? Try harder, W. 

Not only is it disappointing to see such a glaring lack of diversity on these covers — Michael B. Jordan just won Best Actor for Creed from the National Society of Film Critics, and if you think people don’t want to buy a magazine with Michael B. Jordan’s great face on the front of it, you are wrong; Oscar Isaac is great both in The Force Awakens AND Ex Machina; Mya Taylor (who is featured inside the magazine, at least, and gets name-checked in the second line of the piece) is apparently fantastic in Tangerine — but also, albeit much less importantly, every single person who is on these covers has somehow been given exactly the same face. The photographs are well done, but once you’ve seen this, you cannot unsee it and it’s WEIRD. Rooney Mara looks like Carey Mulligan looks like Brie Larson looks like Eddie Redmayne looks like Saoirse Ronan looks like Alicia Vikander. You guys, if I can’t tell, at first glance, if I’m looking at Rooney Mara or Eddie Redmayne, you’ve got a problem.

Not to mention the fact that Rooney Mara was nominated for an Oscar in 2011; she may be wonderful in Carol, but her breakthrough came when she was in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She’s been the blooming host of the Met Gala already!  Saoirse Ronan was nominated for an Academy Award in 2007 (although I would actually accept an argument that this is the year she’s broken through as an adult; still). Carey Mulligan was Oscar-nominated in 2010 — for pete’s sake, give Daisy Ridley that cover if you’re so intent on a pale British brunette! Even Eddie feels like his breakout was well before this year, but I suppose, given that it’s POSSIBLE this headline refers to LAST year, in which he ALSO won an Oscar, I will allow it. That said: A MAJORITY OF THESE PEOPLE HAD DEFINITELY BROKEN THROUGH BEFORE THIS YEAR.  I DON’T THINK THAT WORD MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS.

[Covers: W Magazine]