I’m one of those people that enjoys watching Zooey Deschanel. Every show has its weak stretches, but for the most part I really enjoy New Girl’s brand of humor and I think that whole cast has good comic timing. It’s probably the vehicle in which I’ve most enjoyed her (most people probably say Elf), which is intriguing given that it’s also the role that made her polarizing. But what can I say? I will miss that cast when it goes, and “True American” was really a thing of weird, wonderful beauty.

Anyway: For whatever reason, I think Zooey doesn’t always translate to covers, this one being a prime example. There’s almost always something forced about it, as if they came in with an agenda stamped with words like WINSOME and EYES and of course the dreaded QUIRKY, and then stuff like this happens.

Couldn’t they have just let her crack a proper grin? Her face here looks like someone just disemboweled a cartoon deer that had been singing jazz standards to her.

[Photo: Cosmo]