We have gotten A LOT of emails about this one. Most of them said, “OMG WHAT DID IN STYLE DO TO TINA FEY’S FACE?”  And I must admit that when I saw this while I was in line at the market to buy my usual assortment of Cheetos and stinky cheeses, I did do a double-take. It’s not that this person looks bad– she looks  kind of like Patricia Heaton’s sophisticated, slightly younger sister, if both Patricia Heaton and This Person were in a movie set in the early 80s — it’s more that This Person doesn’t really look like Tina Fey. I can’t tell if that’s because we’re so used to seeing Tina in her glasses (and by we, I mean me), or if it’s because the kid at work on the Photoshop Machine over at In Style fell asleep with his finger on the BLAST function.

Look. There’s no reason to remove every single laugh line from Tina Fey’s face. We all know what her real face looks like. Most of us, I would wager, like her real face much better than This Person’s face, because her real face looks like A REAL HUMAN BEING that we have actually spent a fair amount of time with. Her real face is also a PERFECTLY NICE FACE (one of the crazy things about 30 Rock, I think, is that it sort of pretends that Liz isn’t that cute, whereas the real story is that Liz Lemon is totally cute, she’s just really really REALLY bad at interpersonal romantic relationships in a way that I think is approaching needing professional intervention. Oh, Liz. How could you let Matt Damon go?). It’s also not a face that is  HORRIFYINGLY CRAGGY. It’s a good face, of which we are all fond, and with which we are all VERY familiar.

So what gives? I’m pretty sure Tina Fey didn’t go secretly Botoxerexic on us over the last few months, so it’s beyond me why In Style thinks we’d want to see what she’d look like if she did.