Well, this is surprising and ground-breaking:

Bless her heart, I’m sure if you’d asked me how I expected Team Miley to present her on the cover of Rolling Stone, “naked with her tongue sticking out” is the last thing I would have said because of how truly unexpected and unusual that would be!

Sarcasm aside: COME ON YOU GUYS. The nudity, the omnipresent tongue — is it stuck that way?! — the tats: WE GET IT. I’m sure this cover was shot and decided upon pre-VMAs, so I can’t even wholly place the blame at the feet of Rolling Stone, who surely didn’t realize that Miles here was about to embark on an eight-week tour of tongue-flapping across the nation. But you have to wonder if Team Miley was aware that we all would reach Miley’s Tongue Maximum Saturation after about forty-five minutes. Truly, how much tongue can you take from one person? I fear we are all about to find out.