I am not sure that I think this cover does Kerry Washington’s great face justice. I also haven’t seen the subscriber cover yet — I assume this is newsstand? — so I am holding out hope that it’s better than this.  The good news is that I think the interior shots are pleasantly beachy to an extent where I actually indulged in a lengthy fantasy where I am friends with Kerry Washington and get to go have margaritas at her place in Malibu, where she confesses to me that she also secretly thinks Fitz is The Worst and we agree that we’re mutually depressed that Shonda didn’t have the idea to do a show set at Quantico before Quantico did. (Because think about a Grey’s Anatomy, but set at Quantico. THAT SHOW WOULD BE SO GOOD! They could have launched it with a cross-over event where Olivia Pope has to pop over to the FBI Academy for…reasons and stuff. She could there fall in love with a very hot instructor who no longer goes out into the field because of Mysterious Sad Reasons and eventually their sexy mutual respect for each other would heal everyone’s emotional wounds, and also they’d stop some terrorists.)

[Photos: Elle]