So, Tatler is just accepting the fact that they’re NEVER going to get a Middleton to sit for them and has totally and shameless resorted to using photos from events — first the terrible cover where Pippa is being buried alive by flowers, and now this one, which I think is lifted from this outing. If I were the Duchess, that would really cheese me off, and not only because the headline implies that she’s knocked up, or that the article within is, like, “Dear Kate, when you get pregnant, here’s how CRAZY we members of the press are going to act! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!” Because worse than that, arguably, is how terribly Photoshopped this looks. They’ve done something to her face, especially the middle-distance-y eyes, that makes this entire thing remind me of an amateur portrait of Jesus (in attention to the Kind-Yet-Unfocused Eyes, He does have, in much of Western art, similarly luxurious and long brown hair). And listen, I get that Kate Middleton has been a boon to tabloids and proper magazines alike, but she’s not actually the Second Coming.