I know GQ Style in Germany is a really random choice for us to feature, but how could I resist?

Ashton Kutcher looks like a guy you are staring at through the peephole of your hotel room, where you are holed up with deep, dark second thoughts about hiring a man to escort you to that fancy black-tie business event. Because among other things, who brings a KITTEN? Are you paying extra for the kitten? Are you supposed to keep the kitten? What does the kitten MEAN, and why is it thinking about licking your pancreas clean? God, he keeps knocking and checking his phone to see if you’ve texted. Devil Cat does not blink. Does Devil Cat even HAVE eyelids? What is in German cat food?

So it’s a strange cover, is what I’m saying. “Perplexed With Kitten” is not the directive I’d have picked.