The good news is, Marie Claire found a way for Ariana Grande not to look exactly the same as she always does.

The bad news is, it’s only because they made her look like an cockeyed Ariana Grande impersonator — still blank, just off — who does children’s birthday parties and, weirdly, a couple bachelor ‘dos.

This photo on the inside is much better:

The pose is sort of cheesy, but she looks older — in a good way; she reads 15 to me normally — and very graceful and serene, without that doe-eyed, confused, open-mouthed “I lost my mother in the supermarket and I’m just going to stay put until she finds me again, just like she told me to” expression she wears on the red carpet and almost every other time I’ve seen her. If this were Elle, they’d have explored this aesthetic for the cover as well. In fact, Ariana Grande feels like a strange fit for Marie Claire– she’s more Cosmo, or Glamour, or frankly, even still Seventeen.

Regardless, it’s intriguing to me how much more elegant and poised she looks in the black-and-white — as opposed to leaning in, with a deadened expression, like a bad advertisement for a designer impostor perfume. I guess the key is just to close her eyes, or… never look at things?

[Photos: Marie Claire]