Well, I certainly support the idea of this. Lord knows neither of us met a sequin we didn’t want to take home for a torrid affair.

What’s tripping me up is the red belt. I can’t tell if it’s the perfect splash of color, or an unconvincing attempt at spice. Kind of like when you ask for garlic bread, but when it comes, it turns out all they did was sprinkle it with powder and hope it would pass. You can taste the fake. I’m wondering if that’s what I’m doing with the belt. And now that I back up, can I see her bra under that bodice? Is everything unraveling before my eyes? Or, to further the other comparison, should I just shut up and be glad I got ANY bread in the first place and revel in the marvelous carbosity of it all?

Thoughts, without using the dreaded "q" word (that is, quirky... oh, shoot, there I go):

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