As I was nosing around the list of Golden Globe nominees and saw Mila Kunis’s name, I thought, “Wow, she’s had a hell of a year — she’s been all OVER the place.” But after doing a little searching, I realized we’d only featured her three times on the site. Often, when a celeb slips through the cracks like that so frequently, it’s because her outfits were rather benign: nothing spectacular nor spectacularly bad, and thus, nothing that inspired us to write at length about it and then make random Dynasty references before bringing up a) snack foods we like, b) booze, c) Diet Coke, or d) Jon Hamm.

This is my attempt to catch us up on all that, especially now that she’s going to be working it during awards season. We’ll all feel so much more educated in loving or hating her Globes dress, for instance, if we can glow with the smug satisfaction of having seen what came before it. And, in case you’re too short on time to flip through the slideshow, here is the summary: black. Somebody rescue this girl before she develops an irreversible Aniston complex.

Overall, what's your opinion of Mila's style picks?

  • Love them -- she's nailing it like a contractor building a shed. Or something. (76%, 9,827 Votes)
  • BORING. (23%, 2,970 Votes)
  • Hate them -- she's blowing it like a saxophone. Or something. (1%, 144 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,941

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