So, InStyle continues its tradition of making celebrities look like the most calm and/or sanitized and/or Upper East Side version of themselves.

See? It’s a bit stiff and spit-shined, the way they seem to like it over there, but: Whereas a lot of InStyle covers do that in an extremely chilly way, this one exudes warmth. I actually think her hair looks fantastic — really shiny and thick. And her makeup is good, and while the jacket isn’t necessarily what I think of when I imagine Olivia Wilde’s personal style, it’s rather Blair Waldorf in a way that appeals to me. Everyone should have an inner Blair Waldorf, as long as we’re not talking about the cranium-devouring-headband part.

The other thing that made me appreciate this cover: When I was Googling it, I turned up an August 2011 Marie Claire cover she did — so, exactly two years ago — and it is glossy hellfire:

She looks like Drunk Jessica Biel — no, actually, she looks like Drunk Jessica Feel, who is the porn star knockoff of Jessica Biel, and stars in movies alongside a guy named Justin Limbersnake. So basically, if you were on the fence about liking this month’s InStyle cover, perhaps this old nightmare will heave you over onto the positive side, because look what it COULD have been.