I don’t think ANY of us called THIS (wait! Two of you, in fact, did. I am impressed):

That being said, while I’m impressed by the psychic skills of Fug Nation, I don’t know that I am that impressed with the cover. I feel like we’ve all seen that dress, or a version thereof, a thousand times before today, and — more importantly — I actually think Katy Perry is much prettier than this. Her face is lighter than her chest (which, honestly, come on. If Photoshop is good for anything, it ought to be able to make one’s foundation match one’s actual skin) and she looks like she’s in the middle of an attack of hay fever. Is being allergic to your dress really THAT hot for summer?

What do you think? (PS: I DO want to read that Extreme Detox article, I’m not gonna lie.)

[Photo: Vogue.com]