Well, okay then. Here we are. If the cover featuring Jennifer Lawrence made me think everything was going to be okay, this one makes me feel a bit more concerned. Why does Peeta look like a bouncer fighting a burgeoning ‘roid problem? Do we really think Gale is waking up every morning and neatly tucking in his shirt before hopping a fence to do some sneaky illegal poaching? Do men who flout the anti-meat-capturing laws of a totalitarian dictatorship think to themselves, “welp, I got no problem bagging some rabbits to sell on the black market, but A LOOSE SHIRTTAIL? HELL NO.”? Are his pants a wee bit too high for a rebellious neighborhood hottie? Why does Peeta look so CONFRONTATIONAL? YOU’RE A SWEET KID WHO IS REALLY INTO CARBS. I am confused.

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