First of all, I love her — and the inside spread looks fantastic. It totally hits my soft spot for preppy ’80s Ralph Lauren/Calvin Klein America luxury fall sportswear. COATS. COATS AND PUPPIES. Yes, I DO want to wear a fabulous coat and sport voluminous hair and walk through changing fall leaves, Vogue! On this one, you are right!

But did they get the cover right?

I’m never really a fan of the Slightly Open Mouth Thing — on anyone. It feels a little mouth-breather-y, even when the person in question is smart and fabulous. It just always reminds me of Jessica Simpson. That being said, her eyes are great here — not a dead eye to be seen — and I like her makeup and hair. I also am, I must admit, DYING to see what Vogue thinks is the wedding of the year. You guys know how I feel about society weddings: FASCINATED. I’m also amused by how doubtful Vogue is about the concept that you could get a better body in under ten minutes. I’m also doubtful, but if it works — and doesn’t require my being strapped into a $1,500 machine — then consider me sold.

What do you think about the cover? I fear that if I didn’t like her so much, I wouldn’t like it so much.

[Speaking of getting it right: Jessica, and many of you, correctly guessed this in our cover predictions post. You win ETERNAL HAPPINESS. I hope. -H]