This isn’t as bad as I originally thought, when I glanced at it at the grocery store, but it’s still not great.

She looks pretty — although someone may want to tell InStyle that Emily Blunt arrived a long time ago — but her eyes are tripping me up. Look at them. They’re not QUITE looking directly at us. It’s as if she’s actually looking at a spot just fractionally to the side of the camera lens, or she spaced out for a second and started making her grocery list. It’s not far enough off to be clear that she’s looking elsewhere, but not dead-on, so her gaze isn’t connecting and it thus starts to feel dazed or vacant. Frankly, this whole cover could as easily have been a red carpet photo that they cropped and enlarged; that’s how weird and impersonal it feels. Am I crazy? I just want to snap my fingers in front of her face and see if her mind returns from its wanderings.

[Photo: InStyle]