When Carey was cast as Daisy in The Great Gatsby, it seemed perfect. There is something about her that really lends itself to this role, at least conceptually (we’ll see when it comes out), and the 1920s garb seemed like a great match to her cherubic face. Which is why, for me, this Vogue cover is a discordant disappointment. And further, does it strike anyone else as unimaginative — basically, a glorified poster for the movie? We’re going to see PLENTY of Carey Mulligan in period costume when the movie comes out; wouldn’t it be cool to see her another way, especially if you don’t know much about her? Or even to see Carey Mulligan, period, and not Daisy Buchanan? I understand it as a publicity push, I guess — that movie is the big thing that’s going on with her right now — but I’m not sure I concur with it from an editorial/art direction point of view. Zzz, basically.

Let us discuss — and also, pat yourself on the back if you predicted this in our Vogue Cover Predictions post. Jessica got it right. I will buy her a cocktail for you.

[Photos: Vogue]