Here’s the thing:

I don’t know if Kristen Stewart is the first actress who pops into mind when I think “sexy French business lady.” However, she might be SELLING ME “sexy French business lady” here. Because when I saw this photo, I did not think, “why is K Stew dressed like she’s off to go star on the French version of The Good Wife?” I thought, “ooh, I love that hair.” You guys, that hair would make most people look like they inadvertently had their head sucked into the automatic hand-dryer in the ladies room. And I’ve never seen K Stew in a proper suit before, and would never think of her as being a person who would ever even put a suit anywhere near her body. HOWEVER. This ad makes me think that maybe she should, even if that means she’s somehow going to need to magick a way to live in a wholly black and white world, like the beginning of The Wizard of Oz forever. Because I sort of think this entire endeavor just might be….successful? (The bag, of course, is a classic. I am not a Quilted Chanel Bag Person, and even I realize that this bag is a classic.)

Hit me with your thinkpieces, please.

[Photo: Chanel]