I lost my voice this Christmas, and went around for about a week and a half sounding EXACTLY like Sophia Bush, and it made me think, “How does she DO IT?” Nobody could make out what I was saying unless they were standing right next to me, although I do think it made me sound more exotic and less… well, you know how it is when you hear your own voice on and realize it sounds way worse in the world than it does in your head, and suddenly you’re like, “My face is like that TOO, I look way creepier than I thought,” and then you’re on a shame spiral wherein you apologize to all your friends for having to hear, see, or know you at all, ever.

Ahem. Speaking of friends, and Sophia Bush:

Jessica has a major thing for ruffly necks and I was going to leave this for her just out of curiosity about what she’d say, but she has the flu. So instead we shall content ourselves with a poll and our own ogling. Me, I think it’s too much. Sophia’s character is getting married on One Tree Hill at some point, and her fiance’s mother is played by Sharon Lawrence; I swear to God I expect to see this exact outfit on Sharon when she trots down the aisle. For that reason alone I am going to vote no — Sophia Bush not being in Sharon Lawrence’s age bracket, and all — but I will at least say to Sophia that her hair has been looking really cute this season and she was great in that episode where she (SPOILER) almost died. Of course, none of that will help her in the poll, but it’s at least useful for a daily affirmation, right? And I’ll give her points for the fact that I read somewhere the dress is entirely green — as in, environmentally friendly, and not, “That’s GREEN? OH MY GOD I AM COLORBLIND.”

You like?

  • Even its green-ness can't save it for me. (67%, 6,269 Votes)
  • I heart it. (6%, 521 Votes)
  • I love a neck ruffle, but just not this one. (18%, 1,698 Votes)
  • I ONLY love it BECAUSE there is a neck ruffle. (3%, 273 Votes)
  • If the CW cancels One Tree Hill without letting them script a multi-episode Blow The Roof Off This Joint finale, I will be ragey. (7%, 643 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,404

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See if you think she did better the next night:

I personally like it. I like a short dress with long sleeves — in fact I almost never say this but it COULD be even just the merest bit shorter. (But really only a bit.) Since apparently ‘Tis The Season For Adding Belts To Everything, I wonder if something cinching it would’ve streamlined her better, but I don’t think this needs to hop on that bandwagon. It’s really crowded there, and sometimes the band on the wagon isn’t really very good, so why get stuck somewhere with bad music?

You know, based on that last paragraph, you’d think I was the one in bed with the flu.