First of all: how adorable is James Wilkie?

What a cute little muffin he is. That hat kills me.

On to more important things. How adorable is her dress? (Imagine that being said in, like, a totally different intonation than the previous, rhetorical question of adorableness.) I know a lot of you in Fug Nation hated it — and I admit that I wonder what this outfit would look like if the dress were not of the maxi persuasion — but I kind of dig it. It’s easy. Breezy.

What do you think??

  • Love it. (73%, 10,471 Votes)
  • YUCK. (5%, 769 Votes)
  • Whatever, man. Whatever. (22%, 3,173 Votes)

Total Voters: 14,413

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Speaking of Cover Girl, let’s take a look at SJP’s August Vogue cover:

Because NOTHING says “AUGUST” like a COAT. NOTHING. I get that they’re prepping for Fall — thanks to the headline over her torso — but COME ON NOW.  Another COME ON NOW to her face. Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist — I accidentally just wrote, “your knockers,” and I suggest you keep them untwisted as well — I actually quite like SJP’s face. Her regular face, you know, the face she walks around with all day long. I think it’s interesting and has character and is lovely and comfortingly familiar to those of us who remember being Square Pegs mega fans. I don’t want her to do anything to her face. Which is why I think it’s INSANE how Photoshopped it is here. Listen, A Dubs, we all know that SJP is old enough to have some wrinkles. She OUGHT to have some wrinkles. A lot of the ladies reading Vogue ALSO have some wrinkles. WRINKLES ARE NOT THE END OF THE WORLD ON A 45 YEAR OLD WOMAN MY GOD. What IS the end of the world is making a kind of iconic face look like it just fell off a Fem-Bot.