All of a sudden, I want to see her star in something as a relative of Keira Knightley. I think because something about this bodice (and her face) reminds me COMPLETELY RANDOMLY of the poster for King Arthur, AKA That Poster About Which Keira Knightley Has Gone On Record As Wondering Where All That Cleavage Came From Because It’s Not Hers Wow I Totally Structured That Sentence Incorrectly But Whatever.

I haven’t thought about that movie in ten years, but you guys: Look at the cast! Keira! Ioan Gruffudd! Clive Owen! Mads Mikkelson! Hugh Dancy! DOES THIS DESERVE A REVISIT?

Sorry, Rose: I got off track there. The point is, while everything about this picture feels VERY bronze — next time you wear this, do it in front of a hedge maze or something, for contrast — I actually really enjoy this. It’s so shimmery. It’s so 70s. It feels at home with a crossbow. I can work with that.

But please feel free to head to the comments and tell me how cracked out, exactly, I am to feel this way. (Possibly COMPLETELY.)

[Photo: Splash]