This is a fairly nice choice for Rachel, if perhaps a familiar one — we all know I have the memory banks of a particularly tiny yam, so I’m sure I’ve even possibly written about it before in another color and simply don’t recall it because it happened more than two hours ago. The piled-high hair, I’m not as sure about, but I think my biggest issue is that I’d have loved to see this on her in another setting entirely. Somebody from Camp McAdams should’ve gotten briefed on the setting, so that Rachel could’ve avoided completely matching the backdrop — kind of blunts the impact of a big red dress, big red lips, and big (non-red, but that would’ve been awesome) hair. And as you’ll see in the slideshow, blending into one’s surroundings can have very… complicated… side effects.

Let her have it:

  • FAB! (61%, 6,542 Votes)
  • FUG! (8%, 808 Votes)
  • Fine, but not blowing me away. (31%, 3,311 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,661

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