I know, I know, this is exactly the sort of thing you’d THINK I would LOVE:

Gold sequins? Is there anything I love more — other, perhaps, than fondue? And champagne, of course. And Reese Peanut Butter cups. And  — never mind. We could be here all day, honestly. You may find this hard to believe, but I love many, many things. Like Michael J Fox, and monograms, and plaid pants. And college basketball, and burritos, and Shiner Bock holiday beer. And that scene in A Room With a View where Julian Sands falls out of the tree, and eggs Benedict, and — sorry. I was getting carried away there. Perhaps I have finally been infected by a raging case of the holiday spirit.  It feels kind of like H1N1. Regardless, let’s move on: I KNOW I should LOVE this and yet there is something about it that feels Super 70s to me, and not necessarily in a way I can work with (unlike the aforementioned plaid pants).

How do you feel about it, darling readers?

  • J'ADORE. (36%, 5,096 Votes)
  • J'I don't know. There's a whole much of a muchness. (As a friend of mine used to say.) (34%, 4,840 Votes)
  • J'NO. (29%, 4,143 Votes)
  • I have vague, unformed feelings that I plan to work through in the comments (1%, 166 Votes)

Total Voters: 14,245

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