Nicole Kidman has a movie coming out? Who knew?

Well, apparently the people who watched her wearing this on GMA this M. This is the part where we all breathe a sigh of relief over how nice her hair looks — at which point someone will email and tell us it’s a wig (that happens with every single person we feature on this site at some point), at which point I will say, “hey, at least it’s a nice wig!” and then the emailer and I will agree that if we were to get wigs ourselves, we might buy The Kidman, so maybe she should go into wig-making. And THIS is the part where I wonder if she’s dressing like a severe but pretty governess for a reason beyond, “I feel like dressing like a severe but pretty governess today.”

And this is the part where YOU vote:

  • She looks good, dude. (12%, 1,909 Votes)
  • I can't sign off on this. (17%, 2,724 Votes)
  • I think that dress is just a hair tight on her, maybe. (64%, 10,152 Votes)
  • She could call her wig company, NICOLE WIGMAN. Am I right? Who's with me? (7%, 1,157 Votes)

Total Voters: 15,943

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