I love Milla Jovovich’s facial expression here. I suspect Tyra Banks would, too. And NIGEL. Oh, Nigel would be like, “Hel-LO, lady.”

It’s so fierce and Come Hither, all, “Do you want it? You do. Admit it. No, don’t. This game of cat-and-mouse is so much more erotic, don’t you think? Let us suck the marrow out of our unspoken desire.”

Of course, what she’s referring to — naturally! — is our desire to see the rest of the outfit. And that is a mystery I can solve.

The thing is, I was totally expecting to be all, “NICE CAFTAN. How’s that cheesecake on the lanai, Dorothy?” But in a weird way I am not super appalled by this. It’s very HER, for one thing (although I suppose you could say that about 90 percent of what Katy Perry wears, and most of it still scares me). And it doesn’t look like she’s about to pull up a cauldron and brew up some eye-of-newt juice. It’s more like what I imagine Glinda the Good Witch wears now that she has taken up with the Scarecrow and retired to Palm Beach.

Judge the caftan. JUDGE IT.

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  • I kind of like it just fine, maybe, I don't know. (29%, 3,502 Votes)
  • I kind of want to shred it. (28%, 3,332 Votes)

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