Her ‘Madge’-esty wore this recently to the opening of a gym (I think she’s an investor):

I can’t decide how I feel about it. My gut says it’s not terribly flattering because of that hefty belt, but that her biggest mistake was the boots. They’re pinching so tight they look heinously uncomfortable, and also, you’re MADONNA. You have thigh muscles that could give people concussions. So if you’re out pimping your new line of fitness centers, or whatever, wouldn’t you want to wear something that makes you look enviably cut instead of five minutes away from losing all circulation in your legs? It’s so distracting to me that I can’t focus on the rest.

That is where you come in, Fug Nation:

  • It's totally fab, boots included (1%, 216 Votes)
  • It's fab, but kind of odd for this particular occaison (2%, 261 Votes)
  • It's fab EXCEPT for the boots WHY GOD. (9%, 1,459 Votes)
  • The boots are the only part that's fab (2%, 339 Votes)
  • It's borderline. (Ha! See what I did there?) (14%, 2,221 Votes)
  • If I were desperately seeking Susan, I would tell her... oh, never mind, that doesn't work: Basically, it's fug. (71%, 11,041 Votes)

Total Voters: 15,538

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[Photo: Splash News]

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