This is another gift to the Stew fans.

Also, I couldn’t resist. Her smile is so arresting. It’s the reason we harped on her in the past for not bringing it out more — she doesn’t have to be happy-go-lucky, but just say “cheese” sometimes to the camera and it changes the entire narrative. I also like the short hair on her; well played for THAT part of the outfit, anyway.

But let’s take in the whole shebang.

When you scroll back up to the close-up, it does little to disavow the concern that a basic dress was tricked out with aluminum foil and pieces of a vegetable steamer. I think I might like this more if it were short-sleeved, because that’s where it REALLY looks like a robotic craft project, but… hey, considering some of the Chanel she chose in Cannes, this is a victory, and it kind of works with her sassy hair. So at least thematically, I get it, even if I also want to cut a length of ribbon off her arm caddies.

[Photo: Splash]