This movie, Clouds of Sils Maria, came out in 2014 and on DVD six months ago. So I can’t quite suss out why IFC is holding a screening — but I’m not complaining, because it’s a nice surprise to find that Kristen Stewart crept out for a public appearance while the rest of us were in a holiday chocolate coma (or just me?).

Conceptually this really works for me. Kristen seems like a very casual person, so this almost beachy take on a white suit fits her vibe in the extreme — and, I’m pleased to see she’s kept her shoe game above the Basic Black Pointy-Toed Pump choice she clung to during the Twilight years. They add the right amount of zest. Honestly, the only thing that’s holding me back a bit is the damn drawstring. Now, I don’t object to one in theory. I have some running shorts that use one. And some PJ pants. And I can ONLY buy the beans sweatpants with a drawstring because they have the waist size of a three-year old basically and so any pants that are long enough for their height completely drop off their bodies unless I tie them tighter than a corset. BUT: I don’t believe such a thing as a Formal Drawstring exists, and I’m not looking to 2016 to change my thinking.

However — and I should stamp some form of this phrase onto my tombstone — I would take this thrice over the Chanel she got for the New York Film Critics’ Circle Awards:

Love her face; loathe her shoes (this trend of stuff that comes up well over your foot always looks to me like a weird hybrid of hooves, elf’s slippers, and the worst of Amanda Woodward’s Melrose Place mules). And while I’ll admit the outfit itself offers a sort of punk-glam that fits her general aura, she looks like a walking quilted Chanel bag. And not the nice kind; we’re talking Karl Lagerfeld for Hefty.

[Photo: Getty]