All my internal logic tells me to hate this — that it looks like Kirsten is being eaten alive by a chaise longue — but bizarrely I think this works on her. The mix of prints is really unusual, and I like that it appears to be trying to evoke The Days of Yore without being tremendously on-the-nose. Tell me: Have I lost my mind? Have the Golden Globes left me a blubbering, confused flesh pile with a milkshake for a brain? Or is this maybe surprisingly kind of … good? If the answer is yes, then thank you. If it’s no, then, well, please just send cheesecake. I’m going to need it.

Save me from myself:

  • You're right. It's bizarrely kind of awesome. (49%, 6,641 Votes)
  • You're right, except that it's not bizarrely awesome, it's LEGITIMATELY awesome. (11%, 1,534 Votes)
  • You are so wrong. So, so wrong. Somebody please put Humpty back together again. (40%, 5,441 Votes)

Total Voters: 13,618

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