I really like Katie Cassidy:

I thought she was far and away the best thing about the Melrose Place reboot — with the exception of Michael Mancini, who is never not awesome — and I like her on Gossip Girl, even though they dragged out the mystery of why she was trying to ruin Serena’s life for about six weeks too long, to the point where I actually started wondering if I missed an episode that explained what her damage was. Also a problem with that plot: all the tertiary dudes on Gossip Girl are identical, like a pasty selection of  lesser Nate Archibalds, so every time she went to visit her brother in the slammer, I wondered if I was supposed to remember him or not.  Like, seriously, how I am supposed to tell these two apart?



Anyway, to sum up: Katie Cassidy is good, and her dress looks very sexy, doesn’t it? Let’s see the rest of it:

Shocking from the side, but rather demure from the front, no? Well. Demure for something that has little patches over your nipples, anyway.

Demure, schmure. How do you LIKE IT?

  • I want to make out with it. If you could do that to a dress without being a total weirdo, which you can't. (13%, 1,150 Votes)
  • It's decent. I'd shake its hand. If a dress had hands. Which would be CREEPY. (49%, 4,452 Votes)
  • I hate it. I want to slap it across its dress-face. (39%, 3,508 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,111

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Katie, in fact, has been showing a fair amount of leg lately. She wore this over the weekend:

I would love this, I think, if the slit weren’t QUITE as high. As it is, I fear that it’s a dress you can’t cross your legs in without flashing the rest of the world one of your butt cheeks. Although, in fairness, her butt cheeks are surely better than mine.

I can't ask you about one dress and not the other. You'll get all crabby.

  • I LOVE this one. Butt cheeks ahoy! (23%, 1,628 Votes)
  • I feel neutral. I'm the Switzerland of Fug Nation. (34%, 2,430 Votes)
  • GROSS. (43%, 3,062 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,121

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