BEN STILLER: Just reminding you all, again, that I am not in fact a nerdy dude. That’s acting. I, myself, Ben Stiller, am actually REALLY REALLY COOL. That nebbish-y thing is an ACT. AN ACT. That’s why I’m so WINKY in all my movies now. Wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea!



JESSICA: Did I end up on the cutting room floor? Oh my God, I totally didn’t mean that thing about how actors don’t actually need writers. I swear. Please don’t shove me down the elevator shaft like Joey Tribbiani.

BEN STILLER: I think he means that this is barely a movie, and that he is totally phoning it in this these days.

ROBERT DE NIRO: Yeah. It’s not like you’re in Raging Bull. Hell, it’s not like you’re in Backdraft.

BEN STILLER: In fairness, though, this is a really fine film — the fourth in a series of hilarious and touching movies tenderly relaying an amazing, inspiring story that simply COULD NOT be told in merely three movies.

JESSICA: It’s only the third Focker movie.

ROBERT DE NIRO: Feels like the sixth.

BEN STILLER: And let’s talk about her outfit now!

Whatever, Ben. You're the boss. Just so you know, making another Fockers movie is undoing all your goodwill from Tropic Thunder.

  • Alba looks SIMPLY ALBANIAN! Wait, that's actually already a word. I mean, I like it. (27%, 3,603 Votes)
  • Have you even noticed that she looks sort of like a younger Posh Spice? (15%, 2,017 Votes)
  • BORING. Why is she? (15%, 2,033 Votes)
  • I hate it. It looks like a toilet brush. (21%, 2,724 Votes)
  • My feelings about the dress are contaminated by my feelings about her. VAGUE THOUGH THEY MAY BE. (21%, 2,787 Votes)

Total Voters: 13,164

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