What is the deal with Hilary Swank? She seems to have lost some momentum. Her last movie was New Year’s Eve, and of the four future credits she’s got on IMDb, one is a TV movie about malaria, and two are actually the same project under different titles (the third is a Tommy Lee Jones-directed joint about a pioneer woman helping escort insane ladies out of Nebraska, though, which sounds about right). My concern is that she’s become one of those people who chiefly gets paid to go places because they want to be able to use the words “Academy Award winner” without paying actual A-list prices. Here, she’s at the Vienna Lifeball, which is an awesome charity event supporting HIV/AIDS organizations. But it was a very eclectic guest list — Kelly Osbourne, Fergie, Carmen Electra, Elton John, and Barbara Eden were top-liners — and the presence of Hilary Swank seems sort of random, and it makes me want someone in Hollywood to donate his/her better Rolodex to this gala.

Clothing-wise, she’s also up to her old tricks of things seeming just not quite right: The legs are great and I like the shoes, but the dress is a hair too short and looks strange with the belt — like perhaps it wasn’t meant to be cinched at all — and the whole vibe is as if she told her stylist, “I want to look like a cross between a Kardashian and Kristen Stewart.”

What do you think?

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]