Look, Halle Berry is super gorgeous and she has an amazing body and a great butt (I presume) and yet there is something SO AWKWARD about this pantsuit from behind.

It’s like what the Tin Man might wear to a formal event. And I don’t think it’s that much better from the front:

Now it’s like what Steven Tyler might wear if he were in costume as the Tin Man going to a formal event.  Seriously. And you guys KNOW how much I love something shiny, so clearly this pains me, but….I just don’t think I can sign off on this.  Which doesn’t mean I am not going to let you, Fug Nation, weigh in:

Neck up: Yes, obviously. It's Halle Berry. Neck down:

  • ALSO YES. It's so hot! (20%, 2,882 Votes)
  • NO. This is ridiculous. Is this brocade? A brocade suit? COME ON. (55%, 7,770 Votes)
  • Maybe? I feel conflicted. I LOVE shiny. And yet.... (24%, 3,449 Votes)

Total Voters: 14,102

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