I’ve heard The Edge of Seventeen is really good, and there’s some awards buzz around it, which means Hailee may have to — or, will be expected to, by the studio — transition from edgy teen pop star to elegant teen film star. This feels like very pointed first step.

Those shoes are like a bite of food you’ve been chewing on too long: flavorless and bland and just taking up space where something tastier should be. The dress itself is cute enough, and the jacket gives it a youthful edge.

Of course, she then had to give it a Kardashian edge.

Not that Kim et al are the only people wearing their coats on their wrists only, but the Jenndashians certainly led that charge. Without the coat, it’s fine, but that draws more attention to how short it is in a way that makes it all look a bit shrunken. I think the presence of sleeves — actual ones that are on her shoulders — really help. And let’s be honest, I’m also really hoping the buzz is real, because she made awards season interesting the first time, and I can only imagine what she’ll do in Round Two.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]