Heather and I just had this whole Fantasy Conversation in which we decided that we want Hailee Steinfeld to play one of the leads in the movie version of our book (yes, we wrote a YA novel!  No, it’s not The Hunger Games, but we want her in that, too. Also, our book is not being made into a movie [AS FAR AS WE KNOW]) and then we punctured our own fantasy by realizing that although she is perfect for said role, she’s already way too famous and expensive for the likes of us. But how could you NOT want to cast this girl in everything you’re making — in your head or otherwise?

I mean, COME ON. Even Jeff Bridges is all, “HEY, IT’S THAT GIRL!”

She’s adorable, that’s for sure. Heather and I had a whole convo about this yesterday — neither of us DISLIKED it, but I think we both wanted something MORE from her. The tea-length, princess number feels sort of easy, and she’s been so BRILLIANT at walking the line of appropriate and unusual all season long that I think we both expected her to be…different, somehow. That being said, now that I’ve lived with it overnight, I think I like this on her. I mean, of course, she’s gorgeous and she’s clearly so happy to be there, and we’re unabashed fans of her as a person, which biases me, but I think it photographs in a way that is really charming — I think it’s much better in photos than it was on TV, and I imagine it’s gorgeous in person. I dunno. I just love her, and I think it might be making me dumb:

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