Man, Ginnifer Goodwin stresses me out.

She always looks so MAD AT ME, like I just tried to wear her pet gerbil as a hat or something. And the thing is, I don’t even hate her outfit. Well, that’s not true — I don’t like the shoes. They look like canoes. But the rest of it is sort of cute — very Sister-Wife Goes To Saks, and I mean that nicely. Margene would totally wear this if she had a budget.

But I’m not sure what I think of GinGood’s hair:

She seems to be wearing it short, still? So… a faux-hawk, of sorts? Tyra Banks would love it. She’d say it’s edgy and taking her cheekbones to new levels, and then she’d get out a picture of Yoanna and be like, “You remind me of this girl, OUR FIRST EVER WINNER,” because she likes to pretend Adrianne Curry never happened. (Although she also evokes Elise Sewell, the girl the show once erroneously put in a montage of previous winners, which… was kind of hilarious). And I am always 50-50 on Tyra’s makeover decisions, so I’m loath to sign off on this just because it’s probably What Tyra Would Do. Because let’s not forget, she once wore a jumpsuit every week. I KNOW.

Be the judge:

  • Love the dress, hate the hair that way (18%, 903 Votes)
  • Love the hair, hate the dress (12%, 606 Votes)
  • Love both (13%, 616 Votes)
  • Hate both (44%, 2,164 Votes)
  • I would feel better if Tyra would talk to me about this in one of her fake accents. (12%, 595 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,884

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