Elizabeth Olsen here is the Elizabeth for whom half of Elizabeth and James is named — she’s the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, and I already kind of like her, because look who’s NOT making a PRUNE FACE for the cameras:

In the, like, three months I’ve even known who she actually was, I’ve seen her smile more readily for the camera than the Twinsies have over the last couple of years. PLEASE DON’T CATCH PRUNE FACE, ELIZABETH. You are so cute!

From the neck up, I think you are totally adorable. From the neck down, as our beloved Tim Gunn might say, I HAVE CONCERNS. This is by The Row — which is only fair — and it’s got that Vintage Treasured Archival Blahdee Blah Important Yadda Historical Flargywad feel to it. And, to me, it’s one of those dressed that I  GET but I don’t really LIKE.  It’s like something your great-grandmother would have gotten married in, to me: beautiful for its time, exquisite in its details, refreshingly modest, and also kinda matronly no matter how you cut it.

Maybe I'm just cranky!

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