If there’s a Chanel Show, there must be a Diane Kruger sighting. Those two come hand in hand like gin and tonic — though I must admit I’m intrigued by the mental picture of Josh Jackson hanging out with Kaiser Karl. Like, I feel as though the three of them go to dinner and Karl is all, “BREAD ROLLS ARE THE CARBS OF THE SOUL! EAT!” and Diane laughs gaily and then the two of them start chatting about the resurgence of the cargo pant and Pacey just smiles and is polite and eats his dinner salad and thinks about hockey. Anyway, sorry to bring him up, because he’s not at this event. But this dress is:

This is one of those where I suspect it’s probably much, much prettier in person than it is in photos, because right now, it sort of hits me in the same Dishwater Snoozeville place that so many of the Globes dresses did.

Want to see something NOT snoozy?