I must have flipped past this photo a hundred times this weekend, as I went through our photo services pulling snaps of all the various royals events I needed to cover, and I never even realized it was Chloe GM:

I totally thought this was some random blonde starlet. That’s not a judgement call — I actually think the longer hair is very pretty on her — just a statement of fact. Kids! They grow up overnight and the next thing you know, you’re ignoring them because you think they’re just some demi-celeb who was on a Nickelodeon show you didn’t watch who’s now out promoting a line of lip balm. She’s ACTUALLY in Cancun promoting her new movie, because Sony does this thing now where it invites people to Cancun for a press junket every summer, obviously hoping that a combo of sunstroke and margaritas will make journalists cheerier. (My personal experience is that it really could go either way.) Now that I have actually looked at her, I think…this dress is very cute, but you could also tell me that it’s Free People and she picked it up in a pre-vacay shopping frenzy at Macy’s and I would totally believe you.

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