I just had a whole discussion about Cheryl Cole at drinks this week. A friend of mine was like, “WHO IS THAT?” — as she’s not very well known here in the States — and the rest of us popped in to answer that she is:

a) a recent ex-WAG;

b) a judge on X-Factor; and

c) formerly in a rather successful British pop group.

So our friend was like, “Oh, so she’s like Posh.” And the rest of us all bellowed, “NO.”  Although I must admit that it’s possibly our gals Vicks might have worn this once upon a time. What do you think? Does Cheryl pull it off? And, secondarily, if she DOES in fact manage to land in the judges’ seat again on the US version of X-Factor — which is seemingly up in the air right now — are they going to have to subtitle her for us? I’ve heard her accent is famously marble-mouthed… but come on. We could barely understand Paula Abdul and no one translated HER.

How do you like it?

  • I love it, but the back is tacky. (62%, 6,332 Votes)
  • I like the whole thing! (19%, 1,946 Votes)
  • I don't like any of it. (18%, 1,814 Votes)
  • I like the back and think the FRONT ruins it. (1%, 96 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,189

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