For the BAFTAs, La Blanchett chose Alexander McQueen, and it’s not fug at all, really. It’s at least fine:

It’s actually rather pretty and also utilitarian and simple — it covers her body, it clings, it has a couple ornate touches but nothing suffocating, nor hard to wrangle. The placement of the flower details is the kind of touch that only works when you’re lean as a lamppost, and ergo your hips are not notably wider than the rest of you. The Kidmans and Blanchetts of the world can wear that without worry, and therefore they may be this dress’s only proper context.

I do LOVE that she stuck a massive necklace over it; add a bracelet of some kind (and maybe some funky makeup, like hella-dramatic eye or a hella-dramatic lip, in part to compensate for the fact that the gown itself isn’t nutsy-bananas) and we’d be in real business. Overall, it’s nice, and she looks very Cate; the reason I’m putting it up for a vote is because she has me trained to expect Big Things in one direction or another, and I’m not accustomed to it when she delivers something right down the line. A big part of me was ready for something exciting and big and creative, and this felt sort of bland, like a really gentle cuddle when what I wanted was to be knocked over by a bear hug. But she DID find a way to Cate it up with the necklace, so that’s something. Oh, Indecision, you batter me like a piece of fish in an English pub.

Help me:

  • I love this. ALL of this. (53%, 2,630 Votes)
  • I love the dress but NAB and also NANMG (needs a new makeup game. That acronym won't stick). (17%, 835 Votes)
  • I'm neither unhappy not ecastatic (27%, 1,326 Votes)
  • I am unhappy. (4%, 181 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,972

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