If Carey Mulligan sheared off her hair again, she and Michelle Williams could play siblings in something. Get on that one, please, Hollywood.

As for the dress, I give it a tentative yes. It’s the second recently that had a very basic leather belt at the midriff — the first being Kristen Stewart at the People’s Choice Awards — and I’m sort of surprised that I like it, since belts for the sake of belts (rather than for the sake of cinching, or keeping one’s crack free of prying eyes) have never been my thing. But the retro-prim thing seems to work for Carey; it took me a while to find a full-length photo of her smiling, to see if good cheer boosted everything a notch, but I finally did. I am such a giver. Want to see?

Okay, it’s not the greatest angle, but it does seem less stodgy when she has a smile on her face. I think the purple metallic is what seals it for me, in the end, because those are two great tastes that taste great together. Like peanut butter and chocolate, or cheese and whatever oil is in the deep-fryer. Or cholesterol and more cholesterol. Mmm, cholesterol. You want to kill me, and yet I could never stay mad at you.

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