So, apparently Disney’s Brenda Song is in The Social Network. I had no idea. I bet Miley Cyrus is sitting around somewhere putting pins in a Brenda Song doll while copies of her movie The Last Song burn in her fireplace. (Also, when I first published this entry today, I had called her Brenda Strong. In fact, Brenda Strong is the dead narrator on Desperate Housewives and The Braless Wonder from Seinfeld. NOT THE SAME. DON’T GET ANY IDEAS, BRENDA SONG.)

Or maybe Miley is using them to do fashion voodoo. Because while Brenda looks perfectly cute in this shiny — if a tad too micro for her — little black dress, she also wore this recently:

I love that color. It makes me want to go sing “The Rainbow Connection” and then hug a pig. But this is the type of photo that would have made Janice Dickinson circa her Top Model days bemoan Brenda’s apparent lack of arm. Except she’d do it more crudely, because Janice is like oil that way: raw, unruly, and a nightmare to get out of your carpet.

This is a smarter way to pose, but it also exposes her arm-capes more explicitly. Without them, this would just be a monochrome shift (although it would still make me want to pop in my Muppet Show DVDs); with them, I am both mildly concerned she’s going to get caught on something while rounding a corner and concuss herself against a wall, and wondering if she dabbles in the kind of amateur sorcery that tempts her to raise her hands to the sky and cackle.  Because this dress would be really good for that. Actually, maybe that’s enough to give it the Fab vote.

Weigh in on the Sleeve Issue:

  • It makes the dress! (40%, 3,201 Votes)
  • It RUINS the dress. (27%, 2,186 Votes)
  • Eh, it wasn't that great to begin with, really. (33%, 2,644 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,031

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