Real talk: I don’t know if Age of Adaline is going to be any good, but I do know that Blake Lively looks FANTASTIC in the ads. It’s like they’re a series of fabulous perfume commercials. She is crazy gorgeous in every shot of this film. Ergo, real life might be a wee bit of a comedown?

I just feel like this might be TOO MUCH: too much lace, too much red, too much leather, too many feathers, too much hair (NEVER TOO MUCH HAIR, I TAKE IT BACK, BLAKE). This dress feels like it’s got a lot of smoke and mirrors happening, on a person who needs neither.

Speaking of need, though, I might need this:

It is ABSURD and I’m sure it cost an insane amount because it’s a Jeweled Judith Leiber Koi Bag (in fact, it’s six grand at Saks and I would have guessed more) but this is one of those totally frivolous things that I would buy if I had money coming out of my ears.  You know how you have those fantasies about winning the 120 million PowerBall, and what you would do with all that sweet cash? I’d give a bunch to charity and throw an AWESOME Fug Nation Wine and Caftan Retreat, and then I’d buy a house with a pool which I would constantly stand next, holding this Koi Fish Bag and staring into the middle distance and talking to myself like the star of a nighttime soap. I really hope this happens.


I…. Just, like, ….

Okay, is there something LOUDER than  ellipsis that still implies a slightly open-mouthed yet still deadpan state of speechlessness? Because that’s the punctuation I need right now. !!!!! seems too excited. ???????? is close, but doesn’t quite cover it. I need a combo between …… and ?????? and I can’t quite figure out what that is. Like, “….??….” Maybe I need just a SERIES of punctuation marks (this is clearly beyond actual words). Like, “!!???…..///>>>???!” That seems close.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]